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I finished the workbook in one week. I enjoyed the examples. I was able to relate and comprehend the point of life skills. I now know that no matter where I came from, I can choose to live a better life.
Female, age 30, Drug Court Felony, New Directions Substance Abuse

Strategies For Families

Strategies For Families is an excellent source of after-care for those who have participated in one of ACCI's programs. Look for the Free Webinar Demo on the home page to learn more.




Membership packages range from $165.00 to $470.00. As a member of Strategies For Families will you have access to many help web-based services including:

Least Intrusive Measure First

Why would anyone undergo surgery if the solution could be provided through less intrusive means? Oftentimes those who are suffering from addictions, relationship difficulties, or self-defeating thoughts and behaviors have had many points along the way where less expensive and less intrusive outside help could have easily solved the problem. Unfortunately they continue on a negative downward spiral waiting on some big outside intervention to fix the problem.

Strategies For Families follows this best practice of, "Least Intrusive Measure First". They offer a focused and progressive array of services to help families and individuals achieve success beginning with a minimal amount of intensity. Oftentimes the best thing to change in one's enviroment is oneself.

Aspen Tree Metaphor

Aspen Tree Metaphor

The ecology of the aspen tree provides a unique metaphor for family relationships. Leaves, branches, trunks, roots and soil are compared to various aspects of family life. To learn more about these concepts and find effective approaches to implement these concepts in your family visit the Strategies For Family curriculum page.