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My feelings about this workbook are very good. I just wish that our schools could teach a class like this because there are a lot of broken homes out there and these children are not being taught right from wrong. So as you get through school, there should be programs like this taught. At least, it should be a law that everyone should take a course like this.
Male, age 41, Theft, New Directions Offender Corrections

Home Study

ACCI first instituted the home study program in 2001. A review of the last 20,000 referrals, revealed that 82% completed the program and of those that completed, 96% said they would recommend this program to others. There are many advantages of using the home study format versus group, including that it is offender pay with no cost to the referring agency. See HOME STUDY VIDEO and BENEFITS OF HOME STUDY.


1. Create your Lifeskills Link account. Click the RED button "New Judicial Users Start Here"
2. Submit the referral electronically to us.
3. We do the rest!

When ACCI first started the home study format, we were not sure how well it would work. What surprised us was the effectiveness of having them choose their own coach, someone they trusted. A lot could be written about the positive dynamics regarding the relationship between the coach and offender while completing the home study cognitive life skills workbooks in the privacy of their home. Professionals come and go out of offender's lives but those they choose to have as their coach are almost always a person that they have a life-long relationship with. Our home study programs are built on the concept that change takes place in the context of loving and lasting relationships. Social networks for offenders is emerging as one of the top predictors for recidivating. Learn more about how ACCI's Home Study Program is addressing the top tier criminogenic risk factors

DOES IT WORK? Yes, although simple, it remains one of top seven deterrents against crime because of its ability to change criminal thinking. If you never change criminal thinking you'll never change criminal behavior. It is best practice in its purest form, because it brings together a great need with a great solution.